• Memize!

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  • Mem Decks

    Select a Mem Deck to start playing with, add new or edit / delete existing decks.

    Each Mem Deck displays categories assigned to front & back of the card as well as current number of cards in the deck.

  • Add Deck

    Creating new Mem Deck is few taps away!

    Enter Mem Deck name, select category for front / back of the card (either from predefined categories or create your own) and you're set to add first card.

    * All fields are required

  • Add Card

    Enter the paired information on the front / back of the card and start playing!

    * All fields are required

  • Flip Card

    After three simple steps the fun finally starts!

    Swipe right / left for next / previous card, turn on Shuffle to randomly draw cards from the deck.

    Remembered cards are less likely to be drawn from the deck giving preference to cards yet to be memorized.

    Flipping the card (icon) shows the other side of the card with counterpart information and flipping the whole deck changes the direction in drawing the cards (the front becomes back and vice versa).

  • Edit Deck

    Any misspellings, mis-tapping? No problem!

    Edit name or category for card front / back (changes in category name will be reflected everywhere) at once.

    * All fields are required

  • Edit Card

    Any correction required? Simply edit the facts and re-save.

    * All fields are required

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